We can supply and install a wide range of Rising Road Blocker or Rising kerb as somtimes discribed all of which have different specifications to suit customer requirements  electro-mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic all for very differing applications and situations. Not all customers are aware that some road blockers on the market are not suitable for HGV applications and they can come unstuck with the final product, it must be pointed out at an early stage if HGVs are to use the equipment as it will be to late once installed and this information must be specified during specifying, we know from experience that some customers have experienced problems with their blockers after heavy vehicles have used them bending the structure below ground and or damaging the internal mechanism not noticeable from a normal pedestrian position, they are designed for each application.

We have an extensive range of rising bollards and similar to the above they are designed to withstand different impacts from a range of vehicles, some are only designed for  visual and aesthetical purposes others for traffic calming situations around the country and for vehicular control in pedestrian town centres, they have been used for car parking control as they are seen as the strongest form of equipment against vandalism and collision from vehicles we can supply and install different products including pneumatic electro-mechanical and hydraulic systems to suit individual requirments.

Most of the bollards we supply and install are available with a variety of optional accesories including lights and sounders and quality safety devices to reduce the possibility of collisions  during day to day use. 

We provide all of the services from Telford that enable us to carryout all of the necessary groundwork prior to installation of the equipment or we can supply all working drawings to enable experienced construction companies to provide the foundations for the bollards themselves however we do not recomend people to carryout this kind of work unless they are conversent with drainage cable laying and safe construction methods, most of our equipment has to be installed very accurately to enable the final product to work correctly with very technical and complicated mechanisms inside of the foundations

We have a range of manual fixed bollards manufactured from Plastic, Mild Steel and Stainless steel, Our bollards come in several different sizes and bespoke sizes however more expensive than the standard sizes we can also provide site specific or individual designs of bollards or static posts finished in stainless or mild steel and painted or finished in special coatings, please call or email should you have a requirement or project to price        

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