FAS LTD supply and install a wide range of traffic control and parking barrier equipment, primarily sourced from our European suppliers who have used the torque motor and have been manufacturing for over 30 years. They have developed the most reliable and safety based barriers in the world, the benefits of the torque motor installed to parking barriers provides additional safety to the general public and pedestrians, THE MOVING BOOM can be stopped in any position without to much force, and cannot cause injuries, conventional barriers will continue to drive in the up and down direction and will force a pedestrian to the ground which in turn could cause injury,

Additional safety devices and rubber safety edges can be installed to most barriers to provide this form of safety with associated control equipment to stop and reverse the drive mechanism however can add substantial costs to the basic barrier. Also we are able to offer very long waranties on our torque motor barriers that we cannot offer on the standard barriers.
We specify the torque motor barrier and the associated control equipment for many reasons the main ones being Reliability, Safety, Quality, and warranties we keep most spare parts for our products in stock at our main warehouse, we stock regular size barrier beams and can collect specials as needed.
the barriers are so reliable that parts don't need replacing for very long periods, however we still carry spares enabling us to perform a fast and reliable repair and call out service for when they do get damaged. We also stock many parts for other manufacturer's products and get deliveries most days of the week also enableing us to offer a next day repair service.

We also offer an alternative and slightly cheaper range of barrier system still a good quality Italian electro hydraulic barrier that fits the bill for some customers on a budget however we only offer 12 month warranties on these products, this enables the company to compete with the other suppliers providing similar barriers within the UK, we also keep spare parts at head office to service these barriers for our customers when required
We carry out a wide range of service and maintenance contract work to keep your equipment working year in year out, we maintain and provide high levels of Preventative Maintenance Contracts on all makes and types of parking and security barriers, we carry such a wide range of spare parts for most barriers on the market we consider ourselves as probably the best service company in the midlands providing a service for barrier products around the UK.

The guys within the company have supplied and installed barriers and access equipment for over 25, years and currently have some of our old barriers installations in service today, they were installed by our engineers and directors. We also appriciate the recommendations that we get from our new and existing customers who have experienced our service's and passed on our contact information after experiencing problems with our competitors and supliers
We undertake induction loop cutting and laying facilities for any application we provide this service for any installation and also when replacement of damaged induction loops ar required throughout the Uk and will subcontract to other companies if required 



          Security Barrier With electronic boom lock installed                                         Half Height Aluminium Skirt fitted to Boom                                     Entry and Exit  barriers to a London car park

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