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FAS Ltd can recommend a wide range of up to date technologies for the commercial and industrial markets to meet individual requirements and site specific criteria, we offer a complete and varied range of equipment including High Definition, IP Including POE Systems, HDCVI Systems and ONVIF Enabled DVRs. We still supply a wide range of analogue equipment to keep our existing customers supplied with functional and affordable systems.

We try to keep ahead with technology and continue to test new equipment when introduced to the marketplace and within the industry, our services include the setting up of small to medium monitoring systems, through to multi screen surveillance packages. all current DVR's are networkable and can be viewed from many if not most modern hand help tablets and mobiles by installing Apps for most Mobile devices to monitor systems whilst away from the equipment.

We design systems and specify equipment for a wide range of applications including the identification of individuals by utilising HD IP CAMERAS to provide true 1080p images that can be enlarged during viewing without degrading the image as seen in old analogue systems.

We also install systems for the safety and well being of individuals and employees, Our sites range in size which include Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, museums, railway stations, Children's Nurseries, manufacturing facilities, local authorities, Golf Clubs, Social Clubs, Casinos, and Shopping Centers throughout the UK.

We can arrange and install all forms of data cabling for CCTV Systems from standard coax cables, Fibre Optic cable and total CAT 5 Network cable systems for the transmission of video and audio signals over long distances including up to date wirless transmitters and recievers to send camera images accross the network for viewing when on dificult to cable sites and locations.  

We carryout installation works for other providers who do not have the expertise or engineers available to install cameras and towers, we are also able to supply and install additional lighting systems to compliment CCTV installations which can be made up from infra red lights,LED Lighting, Metal Halide and Mercury Vapour lighting which can be controlled manually or automatically to help deter intruders and would be criminals 

All services including underground ducting and and cableing can be installed by our company prior to installing any CCTV systems. We have plant and machinery including road saws, excavators, trenching machines, vibrating rollers/plates and tarmac laying equipment enabling us to offer the complete package without using sub contractors.  

We have our own CCTV Repair engineers and provide in-house repair services should it be necessary for repairs to older equipment and carry a wide range spares enabling us to provide a realistic and economical service to end users, our engineers are experienced within analog and digital CCTV industry


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